By Linda “Corky” Thorpe

It isn’t unusual for my husband and I to look at real estate property listing to see what the local market is doing. Nor is it unusual for us to take a tour of a local home that is having a “open” house. We have spent many hours looking and shopping for real estate.

Recently God had been working on my mind and heart over one piece of property that my husband wanted us to buy and move to. Questions kept coming to mind why I put up such a stubborn front to the idea of moving. It was in a good location, nice floor plan, and close to everything. I remember bowing my back selfishly and saying that I “loved my house” and I didn’t want to move….almost in a childish gesture to have my way. One of those…“we can buy it but I am not going to live there” dialogues .

I didn’t have any idea why I was revisiting a two year old decision. I tried to make sense in my stubborn “attitude” back then. . I knew all of the good reasons to downsize and unload some clutter from our lives. I had set a very broad margin of “wants” in a new home that it almost guaranteed not having to move for years. In my heart , it was really going to have to be “some kind a super deal” and everything I wanted! I had it all figured out in my mind that it would take just the right set of circumstances to move my heart and home. What I didn’t realize was God was moving in our lives even then. He was closing the deal and I didn’t even know what was being negotiated on my behalf.

Just this last week, my husband called me at work, while he was on the job cleaning carpet (a family business) and told me that he was at a lovely duplex/condo and I just needed to come by and see it. It was being prepared to go on the market from an estate. And wouldn’t you know that it was just down the street from the duplex we saw a few years ago too! He shared that “It has a fabulous yard” almost as if he just knew that would fired up the photographer instincts in me. (and it did!) I reluctantly said I would meet the owner there after work and take a look but added “but I don’t want to move yet.”

Well the home was lovely. A little smaller than our present home but lots of possibilities. Three bedrooms, fireplace, a covered porch….and the neatest yard I had ever seen. A oriental garden. It was peaceful…had a view across a pond and they would sell the property with a bedroom set that I just loved. Not to mention the sellers late mother, who had owned the property, was a photographer and artist like myself. It almost seemed fitting.

I was so struck with the place that I entertained the idea of moving for several days. Then it hit me…I don’t want to move. I want to stay in our home. I want to keep all my things….I…I…I.….. I guess I was having a little “I” trouble!

We received a call from the couple selling the property and she told me that if I was interested in the furniture that she would sell it to me. I knew I would have to measure the width and make sure it would fit our room at home. We made another trip to check it out. We just happened to have some good friends with us too. They loved the property as well. The way I was showing it to my friends, I think I was actually doing the selling…..to me!

The home was still as charming to my eye as it was the first time…and the yard still as lovely as my first viewing. The yard was a little need of some work with plants, but the possibilities just danced in my head. I have always loved flowers and gardens like this one. Not to mention the photo s opportunities that a garden like this would bring.

Decision time…And I was so torn as to what to do. Moving… is a great deal of work and we have so many important appointments and “things to do” on the calendar. I felt too young to be downsizing…too old not to be sensible…and at this point too tired of trying to make a decision. What to do ??? Prayer is the only answer. It is after all, the first line of defense against confusion and uncertainty.

God isn’t about confusion. He is about love, truth and guidance. Believing that all things come together for good for those who love Him With every sleepless awakening I said another prayer for guidance. With each thought of “what to do?“ came another opportunity to ask for His will in this decision.

I didn’t understand why is it so hard to change directions. I thought I was on the path that He wanted me to travel…..so why was I struggling so much with the idea of making a change. I guess I had always thought of downsizing as preparing for the future. Old age…or worse yet as loss of a husband or wife. (hey, that’s me!)

Finally in the wee hours of the morning God just opened my eyes and my heart. He assured me that He knows what is best for me and gave me the eye opening awareness that He is leading me and my husband on a new path. God has never let me down and I know that He has a plan for my life. He assured me that we were not “losing” anything but had so much to gain from this move. God had never lead me down a “dead end” street and I knew that God always provides. My heavenly Father has just always been there for me. God has never dropped me on my nose, but He has picked me up a great number of times. (probably because I was being stubborn again!)

With the confidence of a victorious prayer warrior I went straight to His word, opened my bible and he lead me to read (and draw) about trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on our own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3: 5-6

I had never saw the “S” before. We take more than one path in our lives and the Lord is with us on every one. We have to be willing to surrender what we cling to and trust in Him to lead and direct even when we don’t understand the changes in our lives.

At the risk of frightening my sleeping husband to death, I didn’t rush to tell him that the Lord has made the decision. I just knew what we were to do! Tearfully overwhelmed with the assurance that the Lord is worthy of our trust….I waited until 7 a.m. to share the blessing. I am sure he thanked God too! First, that I didn’t wake him and secondly that his prayers had been answered too… My husband shared with me that while he felt comfortable with moving he didn’t want to do anything that would make me unhappy. He wanted it to be my idea too.

The Lord makes the way straight and clear. He is an awesome Father. He loves us and we just need to trust him in everything! I know that as we travel this path, it will be just one of many and He opened my eyes to see the “s” in path s we take with Him..

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I liked this article. Recently I was in a discussion with some special friends and it was brought up that some folks didn't think that our association was so special...in fact not their "cup of tea". A strong indication that somehow they got stuck in a time warp and still in a JR HS mentality.

That is OK- what they are missing... is their loss. Never think of yourself as better than others or that anyone is below you and you will gain great wisdom and a indescribable JOY. There is a tremendous array of talent, wisdom, joy, skill and more in our everyday walk.

It's not important to be the biggest, brightest light in the room, but still being a light.... still being a smile, a hug and a pat on the back when needed. What is important is to listen to and seeing others you share space with in this life. Keep in mind "what goes around comes around!"

We are to be the hands and feet of Christ Jesus...not being comfortable in our "own cup of tea".
Everyone counts! Every chance to enjoy someone else's story is a real treat of life.

Step out and enjoy someone else's cup of tea...you might find a real treasure and expand your taste buds!

God bless!

p.s.- If this offends anyone- tough! Chill out, brush it off and enjoy your day!